What is PDR

What exactly is Paintless Dent Repair?
Paintless Dent Repair, or Paintless Dent Removal, known as PDR in the auto world, is a highly skilled art form that takes a PDR Technician many years to master. In a nutshell, dents are pushed outward, massaged, and eventually removed from the back side of the body panels. Since no metal objects touch the outside paint, the original paint is fully preserved. The tools are simple yet highly crafted metal rods, each one bent in a special way to reach behind the various body panels of a car. The magic lies not in these tools, but in the eye and hand coordination of the dent technician, who, thanks to years of training, is able to completely reshape and restore the metal to its original undamaged condition using muscle memory in their fingertips. All those concerns you might have when going to a body shop to have a dent fixed and repainted, such as worrying about color matching, aftermarket paint longevity, and being without your car for a day, are not issues with Paintless Dent Repair—All for about 1/4 the price of a bodyshop repair! Your original vehicle’s quality is totally preserved. It will be as if the dent were never there.

  • Door Ding Repair
  • Fender or Quarter Panel Crease Dent Removal
  • Acorn Dent, Hail Damage Repair in Roof or Car Hood
  • Small Dents Removed From Tailgate, Trunk, and Rear Hatch
  • Bumper Dent Repair
  • Save Money on Lease Returns

Precision dent repair you can rely on.
Are you looking to have a small to medium-sized dent completely removed from your car for a very reasonable price? Precision Paintless Dent Repair of Long Island will come to you and fix that dent while you wait. You can also come to our shop in Port Washington if you prefer. We have over 20 years of experience removing small to medium sized dents like door dings, acorn dents, hail damage, crease dents, and plastic bumper dents. We will save you hundreds of dollars compared to a traditional auto body shop, and we won’t need to use any body filler or repaint the panel after removing your dent. When we finish, your dent will be completely gone, leaving your factory paint totally intact and restored to original condition, as if the dent were never there. Prices start at $100 for small dings if you come to our shop. For Mobile Dent Repair right at your home, prices start at $150.

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