About Us

Precision PDR was founded in 2019 by Bill Costello, a lifelong car fanatic who used to sleep with toy cars instead of stuffed animals when he was a little kid. Raised by a mechanical and electrical engineer, Bill was taught early on that it is always best to repair what is damaged rather than discarding and replacing it. Bill was taught how to work on cars with hands-on training from his father at a very early age and his love of cars led him to teach himself autobody work starting at age 15 as you can see in the photo below where he is working on his first car, a 1970 Chevelle back in 1985.

Later in life, Bill became a graphic artist and photo retoucher, which he did for 30 years working in the most famous NYC agencies on Madison Avenue. All the while, he developed his mechanical and artistic skills, which formed a great foundation for his eventual Paintless Dent Repair career, which requires immense patience and dedication to master. After all, PDR is a form of art that requires one to focus for hours on a small area of deformed metal, patiently sculpting it back into shape. When Bill decided to finally open his own company, he combined his artistic skills and lifelong knowledge of auto bodywork and chose to specialize in Paintless Dent Repair. The top PDR dent school in the nation was chosen, and Bill set off for one-on-one training at Top Gun PDR Training School in California. His unique background and a small dose of OCD has given Bill a great advantage, which drives his never-ending passion to advance his craft every single day. His customers who come to his shop often marvel over his vast tool collection and Man-Cave garage, which is like a small museum complete with classic motorcycles. As Bill works on their dents, he shares stories of his life’s travels and the many machines and vehicles he has enjoyed spending time with throughout his life. Many customers are so moved by their visit to Precision PDR that they are inclined to write long google reviews describing how special their experience was visiting Precision PDR, and we encourage you to read some of those reviews.

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